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Crypto Owl Morning #117 🦉☀️


🌟 Main Topic of the Day: Lugano, Europe’s Crypto City, Enhances Payment App with Polygon Integration 🌍💳

📝 Residents of Europe’s crypto capital can now make payments across the Polygon ecosystem, marking a significant advancement in Web3 adoption.

🌐 Context:

The city of Lugano, with its MyLugano payment app, has integrated Polygon’s Proof of Stake (PoS), inviting residents of the most crypto-friendly municipality in Europe to explore the expanding Web3 ecosystem on Polygon PoS.

The updated app now includes an asset section, allowing users to activate and manage a multichain digital wallet for personal custody. Various tokens have been integrated into this section of the app, primarily catering to the needs of more experienced users, with the possibility of adding new ones in the future.

MyLugano, winner of the prestigious IEEE Smart City Award, has enabled over 30,000 users, nearly half the city’s population, to access a loyalty circuit through LVGA, the city’s own stablecoin. The addition of Polygon PoS turns MyLugano into an increasingly innovative local payment tool and opens doors for its users to explore tens of thousands of decentralized applications built on the Polygon network.

🤔 Additional Comments:

The integration of Polygon PoS in the MyLugano app is a significant milestone in the journey of cryptocurrency adoption and blockchain technology. Lugano is not just adopting cryptocurrencies for everyday payments but is also embracing digital art and culture through NFTs. This move signals a new era where blockchain technology intertwines with various aspects of daily life, redefining what it means to be a ‘smart city’ in the context of Web3. 🌐🚀

🗨️ Quote of the Day: “At the intersection of innovation and community, we find the future of urban life.” 🏙️✨


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